Going Back To Nature & Traditional Practices To Preserve Vital Nutrients In Your Daily Foods

As a part of our Mission & Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), Only D’ Best Team goes to great lengths and continuously innovates to make YOUR life Healthier & Happier, by offering a curated assortment of only the highest grade & quality, safest, most hygienic products with an endeavour to preserve the nutritional values for the human body, by going back to nature & traditional processing practices, wherever necessary.

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Nature’s Best Vegetables & Fruits

  • Only D’ Best ditches Single Use Thin Plastic Packaging for Banana Leaves which not only allow the Vegetables & Fruits to breathe peacefully but also make sure that Environment is not harmed. #SayNoToSingleUsePlastic
  • Get Nature’s Best Vegetables & Fruits delivered at your homes NOT in Thin Plastic but beautifully wrapped in Banana Leaves- An Industry First Innovation by Only D’ Best.
  • Only highest grade & quality produce is selected after Sorting. You can’t get it fresher than this either from Online stores or Offline stores.
  • Stored in cold stores overnight and transported in clean trays right before it is delivered to your homes next day after Cleaning, Packing & Barcoding is done.

Only D’ Best Spices

  • Only D’ Best whole spices are selected for the highest grade & quality.
  • Stringent QC processes ensure that essential oils, aroma, flavours and herbal benefits are present in defined quantities. These are beneficial for human body.
  • Our spices are not grounded in high speed mills, but are ‘POUNDED’ as done by our ancestors. Pounding helps in retaining the herbal qualities and essential oils of spices that are otherwise lost during grounding process in high speed pulverisers & mills. We pound whole spices in traditional way with wooden pounding machine, thus ensuring protection of natural oils, aroma, flavours and great taste of spices.
  • Our spices are not only insect free but are also free from harmful chemicals like bromide.
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Only D’ Best Whole Wheat Atta & Other Flours

  • Only D’ Best selects only the highest grade & quality of grains & pulses with right amount of moisture.
  • Grains and pulses are ground in Rajasthani Red Stone (Lal Patthar) chakki at desired speed to avoid generation of excessive heat. Due to this, proteins like gluten, vitamins, other nutrients, and fibres remain intact. In comparison, when you buy mass produced atta manufactured in high speed pulverisers & mills, you lose out on these essential elements for human body. This is because many of these vital elements get burnt & destroyed due to excessive heat generated in the milling process.
  • Stringent QC processes ensure that vital elements required for human body are present in defined quantities. Special care is taken to maintain adequate moisture content that not only ensures soft rotis but also prevents the flour from developing insects and typical webs (Jaala). Thus, it is always advisable to consume fresh atta instead of buying large 5 KG packs and consuming the same stored atta for an entire month.
  • Our wheat flour and other flours are insect and chemical free.

Only D’ Best Grains, Rice & Pulses

  • Only D’ Best selects only highest grade & quality of grains, rice & pulses with right amount of moisture, using high tech Colour Sortex machines to ensure uniform size, weight, colour & other parameters of the grains.
  • Stringent QC processes not only ensure hygiene but also check the technical contents & the presence of determined values.
  • Our grains, rice & pulses are insect and bromide free.