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Only D' Best Jaggery Powder - 500 G

: Only D Best

Only D' Best Jaggery Powder - 500 G

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Product Description

A natural sweetener and healthy alternative to white sugar, Only D’ Best jaggery powder is 100 % chemical free and organically grown.  

Only D’ Best makes sure that the groceries you buy are unadulterated and of the highest grade.

Our prices are very competitive for like to like highest grade products available in the open market. Please do not compare with other online/offline stores which generally keep lower quality products aimed at mass markets to selll to crores of people.

We not only ensure that you get the best quality, but also go the extra mile to make sure that our groceries are bromide-free and insect-free.

Not only Only D’ Best Jaggery Powder is better than white sugar which only adds empty calories to your body, it also has number of health benefits.

Rich source of iron hence is remedy for children and women suffering from anaemia.

Helps to regulate menstruation cycle in women.

It cures cough, cold and asthma.

Cleans respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipes and facilitates digestion.

Regulates proper bowel movements, nourishes and strengthens the bones and joints, reduces joints pain and other bone problems.

Its richness in vitamins and minerals nourish the whole body, provides skin smooth, healthy, hydrated and glowing look.

Jaggery Powder can replace sugar with tea, coffee, sweets and various other everyday dishes. 


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