Rampant Adulteration & Malpractices In Food Industry (Unbranded As Well As Branded) Poses A Serious Health Challenge To Consumers

Unlike in many developed countries, consumers in India are never sure of food quality. You are aware of the rampant malpractices that go on in the food supply chains; and that these affect even modern supermarkets or online shopping platforms. Malpractices like adulteration, grade mixing, spraying chemicals to minimize insects, adding non-permitted chemicals & preservatives to enhance the shelf life, enhance looks; practiced across categories like food grains, spices, vegetables & fruits, dry fruits, milk, packaged & processed foods.

If we as a community fail to ensure food quality as well as food safety, the health implications & health costs are staggering.

What Can Consumers Do?

Consumers shall have to UNITE AND RAISE A VOICE against such malpractices.

Help us in accomplishing our MISSION of being a platform that unites likeminded consumers like YOU to Say #NoMore to Food Adulteration; and raise a voice against adulteration & malpractices in Foods & other merchandise. We urge you to serve a higher purpose & a noble cause. If not now, when?

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH FOODS related to adulteration, malpractices or quality issues, with foods or brands purchased from Supermarkets, Kirana Stores or Online Stores on our Facebook Page of Only D’ Best, in order to make more consumers aware of the issues faced by you. You can also post specific solutions, your suggestions, and your views and comments.

For obvious reasons, we cannot take up the issues with the brands or stores or suppliers – for goods not purchased from Only D’ Best. However, we still wish to create this platform for consumers to raise their voice and say #NoMore To Food Adulteration.

Here’s how you can ‘Raise Your Voice’ & let the world know about Adulteration & other Malpractices experienced by you:

  • Click on ‘Raise Your Voice’ Button.
  • Login to your Facebook Account & join our group ‘Say No To Food Adulteration & Raise Your Voice’
  • Describe your experience by posting on the group. Once approved by the admin, your post shall be live on the group.

We thank you for sharing your FEEDBACK for the world to know and we hope that the store/brand where you purchased from notices this & takes a corrective action.

Raise your Voice