Proliferation Of Lifestyle Diseases:

There is a very old saying that ‘You Become What You Eat’. Quite literally then the human body is composed of the very food that it consumes. Unfortunately with the progress of fast paced civilization, we have moved away from natural foods to junk foods and heavily processed foods. As a result, humans today are more susceptible to lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart ailments, blood pressure, and such other disorders.

If we as a community fail to ensure food quality as well as food safety, the health implications & health costs are staggering. Unlike many developed countries, consumers in India are never sure of food quality. Adulteration, grade mixing, spraying chemicals to minimize insects, adding non-permitted chemicals & preservatives to enhance the shelf life, enhance looks and various other malpractices galore, across categories like food grains, spices, vegetables & fruits, dry fruits, milk, packaged & processed foods.